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  • MistressErika Happy Birthday to one (of many) fantastic Sluts at Enchantrix Empire!
    may your berries be blue, and your ass very red as Mistress has you tied to your bed!
    No fem for you, disobedient slut, and trust me when I say, you won't nut until...  more
    September 14, 2023 - edited
  • MistressErika shared MaxiePetuniaPPSB's blog. Found something interesting today.......I think some of you might enjoy reading this, I know I did!
    April 8, 2021
    Humiliation Slut
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    • Samsub617 Maxie you little slut. I’m going to have to go back and read the rest of your posts. You’ve got a lot of experience on me. . . Maybe I’ll learn me something new.
    • MaxiePetuniaPPSB #mistresserika - thank you so much for posting this; I'm so flattered you read it and found it worth sharing. #samsub617 - if my posts inspire you, please share! There's lots of fun stuff in there.... And to all of EE - thank you for letting me share...  more


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